Power Converter (220V to 110V) Voltage Step-Down Travel Adapter - Foval

Brand: FOVAL
Portable and compact. Comes with 5ft removable power cable making it easy to pack and take with you anywhere.. The converter automatically powers off when there is high-current or power surge, over-heating, short circuiting or overloading thereby protecting the adapter.. You can simultaneously charge multiple devices like DVD player, laptop, TV, bluetooth speaker, fan, smartphones and other electronic gadgets.. Spec~ Power: 200watts, 2 standard US plugs, 4x 5V/8.4A, converts 220/240V to 110/120V.. With FOVAL adapter, you can use American electronics in 220V/240V countries.. Dimensions: 4.8inches x 3.1inches x 1.6inches.. Weight: 10.9ounces.. ..more..»
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