Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer Gimbal for Mirrorless DSLR Recording - Zhiyun

Brand: Zhiyun
Specifics/Features — Support almost all mirrorless camera models.. 360° unlimited rotation.. Built-in wireless control module that can be connected with the Zhiyun's gimbal remote controller or smartphone APP.. Camera Control Interface (CCI).. Built-in compact slip rings that enable the gimbal to have all axes 360 degrees free rotation.. Powerful Microcontroller Units which support floating point calculation.. Up to 12 hours operating time battery (26500 Li-ion) capacity.. 6.8V~12.6V; 8.4V Input Voltage.. 80mA~6000mA; 110mA Operation Current..  Dimension: 154mm x 159mm x 389-402mm..  Weight: 2.6kg (with box)..
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