‎ThinkGizmos Twin Tub Washer with Spinner - Portable TG23 Top Loader Washing Machine

ThinkGizmos Twin Tub Washer Spinner - TG23 Top Loader Washing Machine

TG23 Compact Laundry Washing Machine with Spinner (2x Tubs) - Think Gizmos

  • Easy to operate and needs no plumbing work; Requires only access to water and drainout exits;
  • Just put in your dirty clothes, add water, detergent and set the washing machine to wash, then spin once done;
  • Up to fifteen minutes run washing cycle and about five-minute spinning time;
  • Portable, lightweight and compact; Suitable for limited or small spaces, rooms or apartments;
  • About 3.6-kilogram capacity for washing and 2kg capacity for spinning;
  • 1440RPM maximum-spin speed; 120 volts capacity..