Top Five Most Popular Female Contraceptives on Amazon - November 2017

#1. After-Pill Emergency Contraceptive
Specifics — Reduces the chance of pregnancy after unprotected sex.. Manufactured and distributed with FDA authorization.. Personal and private.. Only available for purchase online.. Provides minimum 18 month dating..

#2. Plan B One-step Emergency Contraceptive
Specifics — 1.5 mg One Tablet.. Effective with great result.. Reduces chances of pregnancy after unprotected sex.. Manufactured by TEVA..

#3. My Way Emergency Contraceptive
Specifics — FDA-approved.. Backup plan that helps prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or birth control failure.. Not for routine use.. Use within 72 hours after sex.. ..

#4. Contragel Green Contraceptive
Specifics — Natural Vegan Alternative to Spermicide.. 60ml Gel.. Safe to use with cervical caps and diaphragm.. CE Approved.. Made in Europe.. Less risk of intimate irritation..

#5. VCF Vaginal Contraceptive
Specifics — Non-Hormonal.. Safe and Effective.. Effective for up to one hour.. Contains Spermicide mostly recommended by Doctors..