Rats and Mice Killer Trap - Electronic Rodent Eliminator

Specifics/Features — Perfect for use in food stores, supermarkets, restaurants, dining-rooms, kitchens, hotels, offices, and so on.. Low power consumption.. Suitable for long life operation.. Powered by 4x 1.5Volts "C" Batteries or 6Volts DC Adapter.. Produces high voltage electronic shocks that kill rodents.. Place the unit where there're rat trails especially along walls.. Make use of wooden or plastic knife to insert bait through a bottom hole on the back plate of the unit.. Rat gets in, triggers metal plates inside the unit and immediately produces high voltage sock.. Note: Avoid contact with metal plates of the unit to prevent incidental shock.. Not to be used on wet surfaces or combustible materials and keep away from kids and pets.. ≤50uA Static work current.. ≤380mA High voltage working current.. 7000Volts-9000Volts High voltage..
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