Rechargeable Wireless Waterproof Electronic Toothbrush - Digoo

Brand: Digoo
Specifics/Features — Up to 120 minutes working time.. 800mah battery capacity.. Rechargeable via USB adapter.. Up to eighteen hours charging time.. Up to 31,000 plus brush strokes per minute Sonic technology.. Dynamic fluid action.. IPX7 waterproof.. Electrically safe..
Five Brushing Settings/Modes:
Polish Mode- High strength and high frequency, polishing and brightening teeth..
Clean Mode- Brush head swing in high frequency, remove tartar and bacteria on teeth..
White Mode- Clean and polish mode switching continuously and whitening teeth.
Massage Mode- Massage teeth and gums in extremely gentle frequency..
Sensitive Mode- For sensitive teeth and gums in extremely your teeth in gentle frequency..
Smartimer- Pause every thirty seconds to remind you to switch the brushing area.. Last mode automatic remember..
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