Natural Reproductive Method of Preselecting the Gender of a Child - Health Article

Choosing the gender of a baby before conception using natural biological process of human reproduction entails understanding the ovulatory cycle of a woman and the chromosomal (genetic) makeup of each individuals (male and female) as stated below.

Basic facts:
XY chromosomes (hereditary materials) make up the male spermatozoon while XX chromosomes make up the female ovum (egg).
Health Article: Natural Method of Preselecting Gender of a Child

The male chromosome (X or Y) will determine the gender of a baby. If a spermatozoon carrying X chromosomes fertilizes an egg (X), the outcome will be a female (XX) but if a spermatozoon carrying Y chromosomes fertilizes the egg (X), the outcome will be a male (XY).

● Spermatozoa carrying X chromosomes are slow while that of Y chromosomes are fast during fertilization process (period when spermatozoa swim to fertilize an egg).
However, X spermatozoa have more longevity than Y spermatozoa. Y spermatozoa die quickly while X spermatozoa can stay alive inside a woman for up to 3 or 4 days.

● Ovulation is when ripe or mature ova (eggs) are released for possible fertilization. The eggs survive two to three days unless fertilized.

● In normal menstruation, ovulation occurs at about 14 days before the next flow or menstrual period and last about 5 or 7 days.

● A couple desiring to have a male child, should copulate on the commencement day of ovulation (i.e. the 1st day) and not before or during the ovulating period. Couple should also consider copulatory positions that would allow for deep penetration so that spermatozoa are released close to the cervix.

● And for couple desiring to have a female child, it is advisable to copulate 3 to 4 days before the commencement of ovulation and not at the beginning or during ovulating period. Couple should also consider copulatory positions that would not permit deep penetration.

Therefore, it is based on these principles and strict adherence to the procedures that the natural method of preselecting the gender of a baby would work.
However it is difficult to achieve success under abnormal circumstances like irregular menstrual cycles and unpredictable ovulating periods or ovulatory dysfunctions.


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