Ultra-Light Water-Proof Electric Kick Folding Scooter - Xiaomi M365

Brand: Xiaomi
Specifics/Features — Comes with Smart App for tracking riding speed, cycling habits, battery level and so on.. 18650 Liion battery capacity.. 280Wh Battery Rate.. Upto five hours charging time.. EU Charger plug type.. Equipped with kinetic energy recovery system that converts into electric energy for better battery life... Body Made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy Material.. Folding type.. IP54 Waterproof grade.. Two-Wheel Scooter.. 8.5" inflatable tire wheel.. 100kilogram maximum payload.. 30kilometre Maximum Mileage.. 18kilometre/hour for energy-saving mode. 25kilometre/hour maximum speed for common mode.. Front lights and Tail lamps.. Dual-brake system with E-ABS anti-lock.. Four meters braking distance.. Model: M365..
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