Water Flosser Electric Dental Care Oral Irrigator SPA Set - Nicefeel

Brand: Nicefeel
Specifics/Features — Gentle and safe.. Enhances teeth health.. Eliminates bad breath.. Comes with ten pressure settings.. Massages and stimulates gums for enhanced circulation.. Removes most plaque from treated areas in a short time... Destroys bacteria in the mouth.. 1000ml Water Reservoir Capacity.. 18Watts Power.. 100Volts-240Volts 50/60Hz AC Power.. Comes with EU Plug.. Automatically generates different pulse power.. 1200rounds / minpulsation.. 30PSI -60PSI Lower Pressure.. 60PSI - 100PSI Medium Pressure.. 78PSI - 125PSI High Pressure.. <75 dB Noise Standard.. ≥290ml/min Water Flow.. 1250RPM - 1700RPM Speed.. 290 mL/Minute Flow Rate.. ~1150Gram Weight.. 210mm x 180mm x 90mm Dimension Size..
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