Wireless Smart Digital Mini Weather Station Alarm Clock with FM Radio - Digoo

Brand/Model: Digoo DG-FR100
Specifics/Features — Mutifunctional Colorful Display Screen.. Weather Forecast.. RealTime Display(12/24 Format).. FM Radio (87.0Mhz-108.0Mhz).. Snooze Function.. Bulitin Calendar.. Sleep Time Function.. Indoor Temperature & Humidity(°C/°F).. Temperature Range: 0°C ~ 50°C..  Humidity Range: 20% ~ 90%..  Alarm Clock.. WakeUp Alarm Clock.. WakeUp Radio Alarm.. Low Power Indicator.. Powered By AA(x3) Batteries.. Comes with USB Power Cable.. Dimension/Size: 140mm x 52mm X 140mm..
Category » Electronics..


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