Nigerian Instagram Comedian Steph Isuma (Calabar Chic) narrates how she was kidnapped - Naija News

Nigerian Instagram Comedian Steph Isuma (Calabar Chic) narrates how she was kidnapped - Naija News
Funny Actress, Steph Isuma mostly called Calabar Chic who was kidnapped some few weeks ago narrated her ordeal on an evening radio comedy show 'It's Okay with Okey' aired on Lagos Talks 99.3FM on Feb, 09 2018..

According to her, she and her friend were kidnapped at about 11am by heavily armed men along Benin Ore by-pass road not too far from SASR office..

"I and my friend were on our way back from the east when some armed masked men suddenly came out of the bush along the Benin Ore bypass, and started shooting.. Some travellers and passengers who were in vehicles behind ran out and fled for safety..

" I thought they were robbers after collecting our phones and our belongings.. But later discovered they were kidnappers when they said we should enter the bush pointing guns on our heads.."

"They were speaking in hausa and my friend who understands a bit of hausa tried to plead with them but was hit on the head with a gun and he sustained injury.."

"We were slapped, kicked and beaten with sticks.. They had all kinds of guns and dangerous weapons.. We walked for several hours in the bush on bare feet.. I was crying and praying that police would come and rescue us. But to no avail.."

" We kept on walking inside the bush.. They've mastered the bush paths so well making it even difficult to trace.. We didn't spend more than one hour at a location.. But kept on moving.."

"I got so exhausted, had bruises and thought I would die.. It was until day after we were given water to drink.. While we were being told to face the ground, I was able to peep and saw some of the faces. They looked like fulanis and they spoke only in hausa.. Only the leader spoke fluently in english.."

"They later made phone calls to our family members and requested for ransome.. They switched off the phones immediately they made calls. They requested speaking to only one person until ransom was paid..

"We were released four days after ransom was paid.. We sustained serious injuries. My friend had cuts on his head and stomach.. They told us our car is at SASR office and surprisingly we saw the car when we got there.. It was a horrible experience.. I thank God I'm alive.." — Steph Isuma a.k.a Calabar Chic


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