Professional USB Studio Omni-Directional Condenser Recording Mic - Mantistek®

Brand/Model: Mantistek® MC1
Specifics/Features — Great! for professional/home recording studio, Youtube vlogging, Audio production, voice recording, Music recording, Skyping, Video Facebooking, Online gaming, and so on.. Supports Windows 7/8/10,Vista and mac operating system.. Easy to install.. Comes with Built-in driver.. Simply plug and use.. Can be connected to any available usb port.. Can receive sound from different angles.. Dual conderser equipped with high sensitivity and advanced noise cancellation technolgy.. Gold-plated USB port.. Adjustable tripod.. 50Hz-16KHz Frequency response.. -38dBz±3dB Sensitivity.. 2.5KΩ 8. Impedance.. 5Volts USB DC Opeartion voltage.. 106Gram Weigh.. 15.5cm x 4.7cm x 3.9cm Dimension..  Cord length: 1.35meters..
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