The 1804–1808 Fulani Jihad War and Creation of Sokoto Caliphate - Nigeria News Article

Nigeria News Article: The 1804–1808 Fulani Jihad War and Creation of Sokoto Caliphate
According to Wikipedia — The Fula (Fulani) War of 1804–1808, also known as the Fulani Jihad or Jihad of Usman dan Fodio, was a military contest in present-day Nigeria and Cameroon.
The war began when Usman dan Fodio, a prominent Islamic scholar and teacher, was exiled from Gobir(Gobirawa) by the king Yunfa, one of his former students..

Usman dan Fodio born in 1751, joined a growing number of traveling Islamic scholars through the Hausa kingdoms in the 1770s and became quite popular in the 1790s..

Usman dan Fodio assembled a Fulani army to lead in jihad against the Hausa kingdoms of the north of Nigeria.. In 1805, the Fula jihadists captured the Hausa kingdom of Kebbi.. And By 1807, the jihadists had taken over the states of Katsina and Daura, and the important kingdom of Kano.

In 1808, the jihadists captured Gobir, killing Yunfa in the battle. And with the capture of Gobir, the jihadists saw that they were part of a wider regional struggle. They continued with battles against a number of Hausa kingdoms.. And slowly took over more and more of the Hausa kingdoms..

The war resulted in the creation of the Sokoto Caliphate, headed by Usman dan Fodio and expanded over a few years. The last major expansion of the Fula jihadists was the toppling of the Sayfawa dynasty in 1846.. — The Sokoto Caliphate then became one of the largest states in Africa in the 19th century.

The success of the jihad inspired a number of later West African jihadists, including Massina Empire founder Seku Amadu, Toucouleur Empire founder Umar Tall, Wassoulou Empire founder Samori Ture, and Adamawa Emirate founder Modibo Adama.

The Sokoto Caliphate has continued to the present. Since the British conquest of the Caliphate in 1903, and later Nigerian independence under a constitutional government in 1960, the Caliphate's political authority has diminished. But the position still has considerable spiritual authority...


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