ARTIQO Paint Markers - Artistic Metallic-Color Pens - Rock Arts Paintings and Artworks

ARTIQO Paint Markers - Artistic Metallic-Color Pens - Applicable on All Surfaces
  • ARTIQO Premium Quality Art-Paint Pens – Water-resistant Color Makers.
    • Perfect for different designs of arts, rock paintings and all artwork projects.
    • Suitable for any type of surface; wood, glass, plastic, metal, paper, rocks, ceramics, rubbers, tires, leather, canvas and so on..
    • Waterproof: Do not fade when exposed to water or heat.. Flow easily and dry quickly.
    • Oil-based smooth medium tips with vibrant colors.
    • Non-toxic Paints: Safe for both children and adults, art students and school teachers..
    • Pack includes solid colors: blue, yellow, orange, green, red, black, white, brown, purple, metallic gold, silver and more..