Babebay Bottle Sterilizer - Smart Baby Food Warmer with LED Display Showing Real-time Temperature - Adjustable Thermostat, Auto Power Off Function..


• Brand: Babebay
• Specifics/Features:
◦ Four-in-One Multi-functions..
◦ Comes with One-Knob Design for easy to use.. Dustproof Cover..
◦ LED Screen Display showing real-time water temperature..
◦ Adjustable thermostat control.. Fast Heating..
◦ Warming of baby food and milk formula upto 24hours..
◦ Sterilizing bottles and feeding gadgets.. Steaming eggs..
◦ Auto Power-off Function - Shuts off when temperature reaches 100°C/212°F or when there is no more water in the bottle warmer to prevent overheating..
◦ Dimensions: 9.8 X 7.9 X 4.9 inches..
* Color, size and weight may vary..
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Category: Baby Care..