Female Contraceptive Vaginal Sponges with Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide - 24Hrs Safe Effective Protection without Hormones..

Brand: Today
Specifics/Features — Hormone-Free Women's Vaginal Contraceptive.. Soft polyurethane foam sponge containing nonoxynol 9 (Spermicide)..  *Made and intended for the prevention of pregnancy.. Convenient.. Easy to use.. Disposable.. Allows spontaneity.. Provides safe and effective 24-hour protection.. Releases fast action spermicide.. kills and absorbs active sperms.. Blocks swimming path..
Clinically tested; studies show about one out of ten women (9-11%) got pregnant during the first year of use when using this product correctly all the time..  *To reduce the risk of AIDS virus (HIV) transmission and STDs, ensure the correct use of a latex condom by your partner in every sexual act...
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