Mitchell Cooling Fans for Car Rear Seats - 360 Degree Rotatable

Mitchell Cooling Fans for Car Rear Seats

360 degree Rotatable 12Volts Electric Dual-Head Auto Cooling Fans - Poraxy

  • Fit all mini compact or medium size Sedan SUV vehicles, vans and trucks.
  • Complement weak car air conditioner; Blow hot air out efficiently..
  • Easy to install: Simply plug into your cars’ cigarette lighter.
  • Feature two-level speed controller; 6.5Watt low energy consumption..
  • 4-inch dual-head design with removable sturdy headrest mount and chip to secure the fans;
  • Effective in removing unwanted cigarettes tobacco smoke or dust, eliminate pet odor smell;
  • Cool down passengers at back seat; Remove moisture from interior windshield on cold rainy days..