Motorola Moto Z4 Android 9 Alexa Phablet

• Brand: Motorola (Model - MotoZ4)
• Comes with Built-in Voice-Alexa and Moto 360 Photo/Image Capturing Camera.
• Display: 6.4-Inch Size OLED FHD+ Screen with Fingerprint Reader.
  ◦ Resolution: 2340x1080 Pixels, 19:9 Aspect Ratio..
• Memory Capacity: 128-Gigabyte Storage ROM with up to 2-Terabyte External microSD Card and 4GB RAM..
• OS Platform: Android 9 Operating System.
• Processor Chips: 8Core ~ Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 CPU and Adreno 608 Graphics GPU.
• Media Cams: 25-Megapixel Front and 48MP with 12MP QuadPixel Rear Cameras.
• Battery: 3,600mAh(Built-in) with TypeC USB Turbo-Power Charging..
* Color and specs may vary..

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