Samsung Galaxy A70 Double-SIM 4G Phablet

Samsung Galaxy A70 Double-SIM 4G Phablet
• Brand: Samsung (Model - Galaxy A70)
• Memory Capacity: 128-Gigabyte ROM up to 512GB, 6GB RAM..
• Sreen: 6.7-Inch Wide High-Definition+ Super AMOLED Display with 1080x2400 Resolution.
  ◦ On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor..
• OS: Powered-by Google Android Pie (9.0) Operating System.
• Cams: Three Back Cameras (32MP+8MP+5MP) and Thirty-two Megapixel Face-chat Camera.
  ◦ Photo-Flaw Detection Technology.
• CPU Chipset: Eight-Core Processor Unit ~ 2.0GHz (Dual) and 1.7GHz (Hexa).
• Battery: 4,500mAh Power Capacity with 25Watt Swift Charging technology..
• Network Bands: 4G LTE, 3G HSDPA and 2G GSM. Supports Two SIMs..
* Color and specs may vary..

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