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    According to MNT, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can spread during 'oral copulation', increasing the possibility of cancer.

    Facts on 'Oral Copulation' and Throat Cancer
    • 'Oral Copulation' does not directly cause throat cancer, but it can spread HPV
    • HPV can cause pre-cancerous changes in cells that may lead to throat cancer later on
    • An estimated 35 percent of cancers are infected with HPV
    • Smoking and alcohol consumption further increase the risk that an HPV infection will become cancerous.
    • The early stages of oral cancer may cause discolored tissues in the mouth, mouth sores and ulcers that do not heal, and swelling or lumps in the mouth..

    HPV and Cancer
    'Oral Copulation' can spread HPV from people that carry the virus to people that do not.
    Although smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol are the primary risk factors for oral cancer, the HPV virus may also be linked to oral cancer..

    HPV has been demonstrated as one of the leading risk factors for cancer of the mouth and throat, known as oropharyngeal cancer.

    In the United States, HPV is the most common s**ually transmitted virus...

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