5Alive Berry Blast Juice: Bottled Fruit Drinks by The Coca-Cola Company for Homes, Parties, Events and Occasions

5Alive Berry Blast Fruit Juice Drinks - Bottled by The Coca-Cola Company for Homes and Party Events - Naija Grocery

Five Alive Berry Blast Flavor Fruit Drinks

    • Great for party events, occasions, ceremonies, birthdays, family gatherings, business meetings and so on..
    • Come in 30cl, 35cl, 78cl or 85cl ready-to-drink bottles; in different flavour(s)..
    • Best enjoyed when served chilled, no added preservatives..
    • Ingredients: fruit juices (raspberry, strawberry, apple, blackcurrant, grape, orange), water, flavourings, sugar, citric acid, vitamin C..
    • Bottled by Nigerian Bottling Company; The Coca-Cola..
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