Burglars broke into an auto shop in Oregon using drywall tunnel, stole over $10,000 worth of items - News


United States — The thieves were seen on surveillance cameras crawling into a Portland, Oregon business through a drywall tunnel.

The burglars spent up to twelve hours inside the drywall tunnel before breaking in and stealing valuable equipment and personal information. Fox59 News reports.

The thieves are estimated to have stolen more than $10,000 worth of equipment in the break-in.

The police report describes the suspects as: an “older man, grey hair, approximately 5-feet-5 to 5-7, 130-160 pounds, with visibly missing teeth and gaunt facial appearance”;
And “5-feet-9 to 6-feet, a white male, approximately 170-200 pounds and wearing a black Raiders hoodie, a black string backpack and a black hat.”... fox59.com


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