Tips on Vintage Shopping - How to Identify Fake Clothing

Tips on Vintage-Clothing Shopping - How to Identify Fakes

How to Detect Fake Vintage Items When Shopping for Clothes — According to Jillian Clark, a costume designer in Los Angeles, it all depends on how good the fake is.

Clark in an interview with RealSimple suggests keeping an eye out for wear and tear that is not easily repaired or strengthened—those are red-flag pieces.

Vintage is all about finding exactly what fits your personality and your body best. “Clothing is about personal style,” she says.

“Vintage can mean different things to different people. Do not let the rules of what vintage is 'supposed to be' define what it actually means to you.”

“Most fakes are easy to spot based on whichever logo or design they are mimicking,” Clark says. “Most often, the design will be altered ever-so-slightly, so it can go almost entirely unnoticed by an unconcerned consumer.”

She says true vintage designer clothing will most likely have some sort of “label of authenticity” or its original labels sewn in, which are difficult to replicate.

The easiest way to make sure you are not purchasing a fake, is to trust the vintage dealer or shop you are purchasing from..


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