Google is Deprecating FeedBurner Email Subscription - News


Google will be making several changes to FeedBurner subscription service starting from July, 2021.

According to email sent out to users by FeedBurner team, the company will be transitioning FeedBurner onto a more stable, modern infrastructure to keep it up and running for all users.

During the transitioning period, most non-core feed management features, including email subscriptions will be deprecated.

Those who use the email subscription features are advised to download their email subscriber lists for easy migration to a new email subscription service.

However, no action will be required for core-feed users. All existing feeds will continue to serve uninterrupted, and users can continue to create new accounts and burn new feeds.

Moreso, core feed management functionality will continue to be supported, such as the ability to change the URL, source feed, title, and podcast metadata of feeds, along with basic analytics.


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