Two arrested at shopping mall for credit-card fraud and identity theft - News


United States — Two Detroit men have been arrested in the parking lot of a Seattle shopping mall in Washington for credit card fraud and identify theft.

The suspects allegedly stole identities of at least eleven people, forged IDs and credit cards, and went on shopping sprees.

The two purchased a $64,000 Dodge Challenger, a $6,400 gold bracelet, and “various other items from two different shopping malls” according to reports.

The men were caught when they tried to buy a $51,000 Camaro with a counterfeit ID. The victim received a credit alert, called the dealership and said he did not apply for credit at the shop.

The dealership then called the police. Detectives watched the suspects as they shopped at two malls in Bellevue, just across the Seattle lake and were arrested... DeadLineDetroit


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