Cyber Question: What is SIM Swap Fraud and How Do I Protect Myself? - Qs and As


SIM swap fraud is when a fraudster gets a new SIM card issued against your registered mobile number through your mobile service provider.

And with the help of the new SIM, the fraudster gets SMS messages, banking OTPs and other alerts required to carry out financial transactions through your bank account.

How to Protect Yourself from SIM Swap Fraud:

  • Do not share your confidential or personal information or data to anyone online or offline
  • Immediately contact your mobile service provider if your mobile number gets deactivated or stops working
  • Visit your bank office and change your account password. Register for regular e-mail alerts alongside SMS alerts for your banking transactions
  • Peradventure If your SIM is de-activated, you should continue to receive banking alerts via your email..
  • Beware of social engineering tactics. Do not click on links in emails from unverified sources.
    • Do not reveal your banking details on phone to strange callers..


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