Cyber Security Tips: How to Detect Fake Bank Emails from Scammers

Ways to Know Phishing Inbox Messages from Fraudsters.

Most fraudulent emails will have the following indications:

• Email addresses and URLs that look so similar to that of the real company.
Example: could be used in place for

• Will not address you by your full names as registered by the real company

• Threaten that there's a serious problem with your bank account and will be closed if you do not take urgent actions.

• Will offer rewards or incentives if you update your account details..

• Request you call telephone numbers included or require you to click on links in messages.. PLEASE! DO NOT!
Copy and enquiry about the URL source from the real company..

• Often ask you for sensitive information like your credit card numbers, passwords or bank account details.

• Often contain grammatical errors, bad spellings or unsupported language formats..

Lastly, report any suspicious email to appropriate authorities..


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