Phil Thompson's Music: LION OF JUDAH (14-Track Album) - Songs: Fragrance, Constant Mercies, Alive In You.. Streaming - MP3 Download

Phil Thompson's Music: LION OF JUDAH (14-Track Album) - Songs: Fragrance, Only Risen King, Constant Mercies, Victory, Alive In You.. Streaming - MP3 Download

Album: LION OF JUDAH Artist: Phil Thompson

  • Featuring: Kymberli Joye, Anthony Brown, Michael Whitaker, Nia Allen..
  • Music Label: Phil Thompson / Integrity Music..
  • Format: Audio Streaming / MP3 Download
  • Track Listings (14 Songs):
      1. Fragrance (ft. Kymberli Joye) - 9:23min
      2. Only Risen King - 4:05min
      3. Constant Mercies - 4:47min
      4. Constant Mercies (Overflow) - 6:42min
      5. Redeeming the Years (ft. Anthony Brown) - 7:08min
      6. Lion of Judah - 5:16min
      7. Jesus - 7:34min
      8. Everything - 5:06min
      9. Crashing - 5:30min
      10. Victory (ft. Michael Whitaker) - 4:44min
      11. Alive In You (ft. Nia Allen) - 8:21min
      12. Only Risen King - 4:05min
      13. Everything - 5:04min
      14. Victory (ft. Michael Whitaker) - 4:37min
  • Total Time (Play Length): ≈ 1Hour, 22Minutes..
  • Songwriter(s): Phil Thompson, et al..
  • Featured Track: Lion of Judah [Lyrics]
    I found a well that I’ll forever drink
    Jesus Christ the King
    Forever I will worship at His feet
    Here’s my offering..

    Jehovah, Lion of Judah
    Heavenly Father, here is my praise
    Jehovah, Lion of Judah
    Beautiful Savior, Forever You reign..

    With praise and adoration, I will sing
    To Jesus Christ the King
    With lifted hands I give You everything..

    Here’s my offering
    Oh, let our praises rise
    Oh, God be glorified..
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Album Release Date: 23/July/2021


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